Frustrated? Disappointed? Confused?
Here Are Some

Love Truth #1:
You Get "Helpful Suggestions" on How to Attract Mr. Right from Your Friends, Your Family, the Media, and Society All the Time... But Even When Those Suggestions Sound Great, You Wind Up Right Back Where You Started

 If you're like a lot of women, you've noticed that most of the advice on men you get from most people is actually pretty similar... and boils down to "be patient, feel good about yourself, and eventually you'll get lucky."

Notice, though, that that's what you'll often do automatically anyway... and that the relationships it gets you, and allows you to keep, don't really match your standards.

Relying on luck and patience is like asking out every man who smiles at you on the street, on the chance that one of them, eventually, won't be a bum.

Love Truth #2:
Attracting the RIGHT Man is Much Harder Than Attracting SOME Man... And It Can Feel Impossible to Attract (and Keep!) the Man You Actually Want

Sometimes maintaining your standards while also having a meaningful love-life can seem an impossible dilemma. But by understanding the truth about how a man's emotions really work (which is very different from what most people have told you!), you can create passionate, lasting relationships with a man you really love and respect.

 Love Truth #3:
The Advice on Men and Love That "Sounds Right" is Usually Dead Wrong

 Most advice about relationships is like the ice cream you can find yourself eating after a break-up-- it feels good at the time, but just weighs you down later. It's comfort food, and the more unhealthy food you eat, the worse off it leaves you.

 That kind of advice is designed to temporarily tranquilize you, while leaving the problem festering.

 Love Truth #4:
We Like to Think That Men and Women are the Same, Because We Feel That Means 'Deeper Connection' can be Created... But Women and Men are Different, and This Can Be the Basis of Intense Passion and Long-Term, Never-Ending, Ever-Increasing Excitement

 By accepting that men and women are equal yet different, you open the doorway to connecting to men's emotions at levels other women simply cannot reach. The intensity and masculine power hidden inside your man are actually shut down by the kinds of behavior women are taught to display in relationships. The result is that men start seeming grumpy or far-off or beaten-down... and this can kill the fire in any relationship.

 Fortunately, you have found this website, and so you are a woman who is creating space in her life to enjoy an alternative.

 Love Truth #5:
Just Like the Bodies of Men and Women are Physically Different, Our Brains are Physically Different Too... So We Naturally Think and Feel in Different Ways

 Modern neuroscience has revealed that the brains of men and women are physically different, with some areas of the brain structured differently and containing different kinds of brain cells. And these differences in physical structure lead to differences in behavior. Researchers from Indiana University reported in the year 2000 that hearing words tends to trigger both left and right brain hemispheres for women, while listening to words usually only causes the left, analytical hemisphere-- not the right, emotional hemisphere-- to activate in men. In order to trigger deep emotional responses within men, you must use specific, very surprising words, in very particular and unusual ways.

Love Truth #6:
When You Understand the Hidden Essence of the Male Way of Being, You can Attract any Man... Seduce Any Man... Make Him Love You... Keep Him Passionate About You... and Make Sex Better and Better and Better

Your man is fundamentally a very simple creature... but he's a very different creature. And when you finally discover how his energies actually work, you'll be able to fully unlock and enjoy the power of those energies in ways that completely transform your relationship.

Why Settle for Being with Someone Who Seems Detached,
Ambivalent, Subdued, or Angry--

When Instead You Can Enjoy the Benefit
of Feeling His Real Self Unleashed--
And Feel Him Becoming a Steam Engine,
Powering Away for Your Security and Fulfillment?

When a woman discovers how to rouse the lion and perceive and connect with a man's hidden essence, her love-life is no longer the victim of things she can't change... instead, she becomes the center of an adventure, and a force of nature... in ways other women are forced to admire and men absolutely love and desire!

The Differences Between Men and Women Aren't In Your Imagination...
His Brain is Physically Different from Your Brain...
So, In a Way, the Fights and Arguments
Are No-One's Fault!

  When you understand the way men's feelings and thoughts actually flow-- not the way everyone thinks they flow... or guesses they flow-- but the way they actually flow...

You will attract men... fascinate men... and keep men passionate about you-- with ease!

Men have subtle, hidden, but very simple and knowable triggers-- and they aren't what you have been taught to look for. Once you know what they are, you will instantly be able to reach them on levels other women can never touch!

Are you ready to summon up torrents of passion and desire?

Then see what all the fuss is about-- get free access below!

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